Sunday, February 11, 2007

Erik Rhea, Katherine Bickford and Calder Johnson rehearsing
Act II of CLOUD 9.Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

The only gender confusion is Mr. Heckel's. He is a man who needs therapy himself! Like many other staff members and/or students I have seen him throw tantrums on campus. He is incredibly immature and the idea that he would retire from directing some of the worst plays yet written in the English language (ANGELS IN AMERICA being perhaps the most overpraised spectacle in a society of politically correct spectacles) and become a therapist is an absurdist play unto itself!
HSU prides itself on "alternative" points of view, promoting fluctuating gender identities (those poor confused college kids getting even more messed up for life) and ramming "multiculturalism and "diversity" down the throats of those of us who may despise the current administration but still support the success (envied by all infantile pacifists, faux liberals and hypocritical, SUV-driving "progressives") of Western Civilization. That is why their drama department will never be anything more than an excuse for those who have failed at drama in life to "teach" it to unsuspecting (and mostly untalented) students.

Rae Robison, Asst. Professor of Theatre, Film, & Dance said...

Although I respect your opinion on the production, your dismissing of the entire theatre department is unfounded. I joined the department this year after twenty years of professional acting, designing, and directing, as well as teaching five years in higher education, I would hardly classify myself, or the amazing faculty I teach with, as "failed at drama in life".

This is a problematic play, which I don't particularly like as a text, but our students grow and learn by working on shows and with issues they may not often have the opportunity to do in their future professional careers.

Your anonymity, and what appears to be an attack of Professor Heckel and not specifically the production, might be better served by beginning a "post-mortem" discussion of the show and sharing your audience's viewpoint in a more collegial forum.

Anonymous said...

As I sit here, neslted by the fire with my glass of pinot grigio and my acting awards of PRES-tige and I page through my scores of reviews of great accolade and theatrical genius, I gaze on this... brilliance.

Truly, sir (or madam) you have brought us in the HSU Theatre department to our knees. Please, free us from your spell, you masked warrior of culture, you. You flayer of theatrical spectacle.

The location of your matriculation obviously was far superior to that of our wanton public university "edumacation."

We are sorry we cannot measure up to your standards, you Guy Fawkes of truth, of justice, of the American Stage.

Reveal yourself, you rogue.
You pariah.
Let us know your perfect face.
Please, we beg of you.

Reveal your name, so that we may throw of this mortal coil of oversimplified "multiculturalism" and on to simpler fare.

And we will be able to use you as our guide. Our light in the darkness. The wind beneath our tattered, broken wings.

Maybe we can adapt Gulliver's Travels into a musical and dedicate to you, my masked Lilliputian, you who have torn down the overzealous giant that is the Humboldt State University department with it's odious "diversity" and "enjoyment"

Reveal yourself.

Show us your face and we will follow your every footstep.

I love you.

Anonymous said...

What do you mean by the success of Western Civilization ?
The death of millions of native americans,
or perhaps the 40 millions of poor americans
and the 3 thousand deaths iraquis per month ?

An infantile pacifist